Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
January 4, 2018



Beau Vigne Reserve Cabernet

The ratings for our 2015 vintage have finally been published and we couldn’t be more excited to share the results! For our 2015 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon we scored an astounding 99 points! We had Jeb Dunnuck of Boulder, Colorado rate the wines. Jeb has been rating wines throughout the world since 2008 and was brought under the wing of Rober Parker himself in 2013. Jeb made the decision to leave The Wine Advocate in early 2017 to follow his passions for rating wines as an independent wine critic. 

The review we received on the 2015 Reserve Cabernet grouped Beau Vigne with the top tier of wines in the Napa Valley and is “weightless, elegant and ethereal.” While we wish there was more of the 2015 Reserve to share with all of our loyal customers, we were sold out of this limited case production wine early in 2017. 

For those of you who would like to have the opportunity to purchase the 2016 vintage, we have a Grand Vin Wine Club that puts you first in line to purchase a case of Reserve, and an additional case of high rated wine such as Estate, Guest Cottage Owners Reserve or the Cult. Once your order for those two cases have been placed you will receive a magnum of the second wine selection free!

If you aren’t a case buyer that is ok too! We will also be offering the Reserve and other rated cabernets throughout the year. The Reserve offering is on January 17, 2018 so if you are not on our mailing list and want a chance to buy before we are sold out please join our mailing list and don’t miss out on next years Reserve! 



Best Photo Contest
August 21, 2017

Beau Vigne Best Wine Photo Contest

This year we wanted to give our amazing customers a chance to share with us where they like to enjoy Beau Vigne wines! To win this contest originality is key! Here are the steps you need to take to enter the contest. The winner will receive a 3 pack of 2015 Cult! 

  1. Like our Beau Vigne page on FaceBook
  2. Follow us on Instagram
  3. Follow us on Twitter
  4. Post a picture of you enjoying Beau Vigne wines on all 3 platforms
  5. Tag us and use the hashtag #BeauVigne

Thats it! We will select a winner that follows us on all plaforms and posts the most creative photo! The contest will end when we start the harvest on Stags Ridge Vineyard, which should be between October 1st and 15th! 


August 17, 2017


As Stags Ridge and Soda Canyon Creek Vineyards have begun their way through veraison we wanted to inform our friends of this beautiful process that occurs yearly and how the grapes actually come to be.

If you’re planting new vines it can take 2-3 years before the plant is mature enough to produce viable produce. Once those vines are capable of producing grapes the grapes go thorough a yearly process where the grapes begin and a flower, turn into small berries then grow and finally use their energy to ripen and sweeten the fruit.

In the flowering stage the weather is a detriment to size of the years harvest. The more flowers survive the spring the more grapes in the fall. The survival of the flowers can be influenced by morning dew, strong winds, hail, heavy rains and frost. Each one of those factors can significantly reduce the harvest by killing the flowers before they have the opportunity to become a grape. Obviously, even in perfect conditions not all flowers will become grapes, but hopefully enough survive to create close and tight bunches for optimal fruit.

Once the flowers have turned into small green berries it is important to keep a close eye on the growth of the vines. Overcast cool mornings can lead to too much moisture on the vines and possible mold growth. Here we try to keep the canopies manicured to allow the sun to reach the grapes and limit the humidity on the vines.

Next step is for the grapes to ripen and change color, if they are of the red variety. The ripening of the grapes is called veraison. The sugars are brought forth and the sourness of the berry dissipates. When the grapes have enough sugar the winemaker will make the call to have either all or some of the grapes cut from the vine and harvested to begin the process of crafting wine! 

With all that said, 2015 was a notoriously small harvest in Napa Valley. Beau Vigne has and always will focus on the quality of the wine rather than quantity. The 2015 vintage is quite small in comparison with other years and our wine production is limited, but we do feel that these wine are truly special. I’d like you all to take note of the 2015 Juliet as I feel it is best one yet! 

If you are not involved in our Wine Club please join soon to ensure you can purchase some of the 2015’s.


Ed Snider


2016 Persuasion Chardonnay
August 9, 2017

2016 Persuasion Chardonnay

Beau Vigne has produced another vintage of its beloved Persuasion Chardonnay! When you think of Chardonnay it should have three components, it should be arommatic, have clarity and balance. This Chardonnay hits the mark on all three points!

The first aromatics you’ll notice in this Chardonnay are peach stone, lemongrass and pineapple. The wine is a deep honeycomb color with visibility from one side of the glass through the other. The entry is full and coats the pallet offering a sensation to the taste buds of flavor nuances. The Persuasion offers the perfect balance of flavor, acidity and minerality.

We sourced the grapes from our own Soda Canyon Creek Vineyard, which is located near where the Soda Canyon Creek and Napa River merge. This location creates an environment of soil laced with river stone, gravel, and volcanic ash. This growing environmant for the vines contributes to the minerality of the Chardonnay grapes used in the 2016 Persuasion.

We are offering this Chardonnay at $50 per bottle and definitely recommend trying it out!!


Ed Snider


Notes on the 2015 Haypress Zinfandel
August 8, 2017

2015 Haypress Zinfandel Pairing Notes

Now that the 2015 Haypress Zinfandel has been released, we here at Beau Vigne, wanted to give you some notes on where the wine is sourced from, how the wine is structured, and how it pairs with food! 

We sourced the grapes for this beautiful wine from Grist Vineyards and our very own Soda Canyon Creek. Grist Vineyards is located at the top of Bradford Mountain and is characterized by its volcanic soils and elevation on over 1000 feet. Our Soda Canyon Creek Vineyard is located at the bottom of Soda Canyon Road and is the new winery site for Beau Vigne.

This years Zinfandel is much prettier than previous vintages, as the Petit Syrah and Syrah have added to the complexity of this wine. Don’t worry though zin lovers, this wine has all the classic profiles of a gorgeous Zinfandel. It has a smooth entry and it pushes strong raspberry and cherry flavors with touches of tobacco and bacon fat.

Zinfandels can be so versatile with food pairings, this Haypress is no exception. We recommend pairing this wine with: 
Spicy Foods
Tomato or Garlic Based Sauces
This can even be used to make an incedible reduction sauce! 

Enjoy this years Hapress! 


Ed Snider


2015 Haypress Zinfandel
August 2, 2017

Haypress Zinfandel

With the official release of the Haypress Zinfandel just days away, we’d like to share with you the story and tribute to a great man and winemaker here in Napa Valley. My grandfather, Martin Garzoli, a Swiss Italian immigrant, arrived in Napa in 1915. He found employment working long hours on the haypress in a local farm. Although his hours were long and he surely must have been exhausted at the end of the day, Martin had a love for wine and a desire to make the best wine he could. He would use the barn on the property he tended to store and cultivate his wines. He had an affinity for Zinfandels. Last year I began this Zinfandel as a tribute to not only my heritage but the heritage of Napa Valley and the very roots of the wine country I love.

We are set to start shipping all preordered Haypress Zinfandel on the 31st of July and it is truly one of the prettiest Zinfandels I have ever made. This wine meets all the criteria for a spectacular zin and at only $55 a bottle you’d be crazy to miss out on this vintage! 


Ed Snider